An alliance in the wilderness

Wolves wander the complete darkness of rainy winter nights and the muted daylight of our winter valley in a relentless search for prey. Their favorite prey is black-tailed deer, beavers and any other prey they can find. Most days they go hungry. Where ever the wolves go ravens always seem to be there. Ravens often rely on wolf-killed carcasses for winter food. Likewise it is thought that wolves often find winter-killed carcasses by spotting flocking ravens. The wolves will then open up the carcass allowing the ravens also utilize an otherwise frozen carcass. In some areas whole flocks of ravens follow a specific pack of wolves day after day. They spend a lot of time together around carcasses and have been seen apparently playing together. Some observers believe they seem to enjoy each other’s company. This is clearly a symbiosis of two intelligent, resourceful species enduring a hard winter. It is often suggested that our prehistoric human ancestors were also part of that same alliance in the wilderness.

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