Great Bear Rainforest

One of earth’s great wildlife areas, the Great Bear Rainforest still hosts healthy populations of all wildlife species present when Captain Vancouver sailed up the coast in 1793. Though roughly the size of Ireland, it has a human population of less than 17,000 outside of the town of Prince Rupert, compared to 4.5 million in Ireland. Virtually roadless, it is a land of island archipelagoes and long fjords that reach back into the glacier-capped Coastal Mountain range. The Coastal Mountain range has isolated many wildlife populations from their conspecifics in the rest of North America. As a result the Great Bear Rainforest is home to many subspecies and genetically unique populations like, for example, the Spirit Bear or the coastal grey wolves.

We are fortunate to make this amazing place our year-round home and be able to share its wonders with you each summer.  We thank you for your help in keeping this ecological marvel called the Great Bear Rainforest in great shape for future generations to enjoy.

Bear caught on remote camera